Welcome to our home.


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Group photo coming...

Bear with us while we all try to be in the same place at the same time...

All for one and one for all. 

Led by Owner and Principal Designer, Kathy McCabe, our greatest strength is her vision, guidance, indefatigable endurance and sincere and generous spirit. 

Designers Lindsey Horton and Marisa Miller ensure a firm foundation--listening, documenting, researching, purchasing, installing. Not only experts at making your vision a reality, our designers are your sounding board, advocates, problem solvers and cheerleaders.

As equally dedicated to the art of making your house your home is our store team. Andrea and Sarah, to share a warm welcome, a passion for the products we sell, and years of product, display and design expertise. 

Rounding out our our ability to meet your home design needs is Dane, with expertise in deliveries and installations of fine furnishings and architectural character pieces.