A room for the senses.

An immersion of old and new. Styles, shapes, textures, finishes. Lots to see, but first you might close your eyes and just breath. Let the scent of fresh linen waft over you. Listen to the sounds of music softly playing, followed by a warm welcome, and a sincere offer to help, when you are ready, after you've taken it all in.



One of a kind pieces in all shapes and sizes.

Inspired by the past?

So are we. Which is why we have it hung on every wall and from floor to ceiling. Shutters and doors in hues of whites and creams, soft blues, perhaps a hint of green. Iron grates and metal tables weathered by Mother Nature. Not to be left out are those small accent pieces...bottles, plates, books, boxes, worn by time and the touch of their owners.


If you can dream it, we can make it come true.

No pea here, princess

Linen, satin, cotton, lace. The feeling that enfolds as you slip beneath your favorite coverlet and lean back into a drift of pillows...embraced, swaddled, comforted after a long day. Lulling you to slumber. And then, patiently it waits, for the first whispers of light to gently nudge you awake, so it can reveal itself again to you in all its splendor…and leave you dazzled, energized, cheered, or, best of all, convinced you've no better place to be today...alarm clock, go back to sleep!


Baubles, bangles and beads

The gift of glam

Crystal and bronze and pearls, oh my. So much to choose from which is of course what you need. Who knows what you’ll be wearing that day you walk in to see all that is new and glitters? Perhaps more intriguing, what will you be wearing when you walk out? Whether you are feeling vintage or bold, have a show to go to, or just want to treat yourself, we’ve got options galore. And a team of store staff that love it all as much as you will.