Home is where the hearth is.


Wood plank floors, galvanized tin...edges patina'd the same orange-rose hue of the setting sun. Doors and shutters striped of paint but not of character, born of wind, rain, a dry heat or the relentless humidity every summer seems to bring. A comfy chair and sofa...a bit more streamlined, more gray than denim, but still perfect for cradling blankets, babies, tired mamas too. Books with dog-eared pages sit obediently next to framed faces old and young, posed on surfaces time-worn or new.  All evoking the satisfaction born from good works, strong family and traditions past and to come. 


KBM_Bed_Rope_Gray Beddg.JPG
KBM_Bedroom_Tin Canopy
KBM_Farmhouse_Stool shelf.jpg