Need a room refreshed?

We can help you honor the time and investment you've already made by creating a look that incorporates what you already own and love with new finishes, materials, furnishings, and accessories.

Building the house of your dreams?

Our 40-plus years of combined design experience, and trusted group of talented craftspeople and vendors, can provide everything you need to create a home that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Examples of our work



It starts with a conversation.

We meet with you on location to discuss your project: what you want to achieve, your personal sense of style, potential challenges and how they might be addressed, your timeline and budget. 

A plan is created.

Our design team assembles a packet: images that we believe illustrate the look you want to achieve as well as an estimated budget and timeline.

Minds meet and meld.

We meet with you in our design showroom to share: pictures, materials, finishes, potential furnishings and accessories. Together we discuss your likes and dislikes and refine all the project details.

An agreement is reached.

Once you feel confident that we understand your design needs and your budget, we get to work.

We research, purchase and assemble.

This is where we do all the work. Our team works with its extensive list of vendors and craftspeople to resource everything needed to complete your project.

Installation Day.

The day you’ve been waiting for. We bring everything we’ve researched and collected, and set it into place applying our more than 20 years of home design expertise.

Show and tell.

Letting our work speak for itself, we leave the premises to let you view your newly-designed space. We give you 24-hours to let your eyes adjust to the new look, and to think about any changes you might want to make. We also provide a detailed invoice to ensure complete transparency and no surprises.

It ends with a satisfied client.

The next day we follow up with you for feedback, questions, and to make any necessary adjustments. It all then becomes yours to enjoy.

Led by Owner and Principal Designer, Kathy McCabe

…our greatest strength is her vision, guidance, indefatigable endurance and sincere and generous spirit. 

KBM Designers Lindsey Horton and Marisa Miller 

…ensure a firm foundation: listening, documenting, researching, purchasing, installing. Not only experts at making your vision a reality, our designers are your sounding board, advocates, problem solvers and cheerleaders.

My Favorite Room Team Sarah Harris and Andrea Wilcox

…keep the home fires burning at our location in historic downtown McKinney, ready and eager to share a warm welcome, a passion for the products we sell, and years of product, display and design expertise. 

Installation Expert Dane Wallace

…completes our ability to meet your home design needs, with specialized expertise in transport and installation of fine furnishings and architectural character pieces.


Group photo coming...

Bear with us while we all try to be in the same place at the same time...


Projects of all shapes and sizes.